FDR – Liebherr (Black Logging Edition V3.0)


-Better Store Image

-Made grapple larger and fixed the collisions on it so that you can pickup even more logs!

-fixed weight, machine weighs more and is balanced for picking up large long logs

-Fixed Camera FOV sync glitch

First Day Reviews


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5 Responses

  1. Purity says:

    Great mod! You are awesome!!!
    Love the bigger grapple!
    Maybe you can make a bigger Version, too?

    Please send me the link to the trailor.
    It fits perfect!

  2. Purity says:

    I have the same settings as shown in the video. 2 joysticks and g27 makes so much fun with your mods.

  3. Pedrochapps says:

    ive tried changing the controls but it does not change.

    is there a chance you may upload a alternative scrip to use ? also an external camera would be a great help.

  4. David says:

    Terrible mod. Forced 1st person view with no option to change it.

  5. First Day Reviews says:

    After talking to a few people with the “store purchase problem” it seems that the “courseplay” mod seems to be the problem, if you are running that mod it will not work with this machine for whatver reason.

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