– All Machines have folders cleared out and organized (removing any unused and wasted space/files)
– All Machines have been redesigned from the ground up, less polygons meaning a 25FPS+ Boost to performance.
– All Machines Cleared memory leaks and callstacks from scripting, also gives huge performance boost.
– All Machines New textures using proper AO Baking and lighting (Thank You Serious Mods)
– All Machines have New realistic sound effects for tracks, rollers, engines, cutters, ect.
– All Machines spawn with proper spacing so they don’t land on top of each other.
– All Machines Lights and Exhausts have all been fixed so nothing is offset or blocked.
– All Machines heads spawn facing upright in proper positions instead of stuck down into the ground.
– All Machines Sensitivity of all controls adjusted for better movement.
– All Machines Tracks of all machines fixed so that they don’t get stuck on hills (still happens on really bad terrain but 85% improved)
– All Machines Tracks have been re positioned for better look.
– All Machines have new icons
– All grapples and claws have been rebuilt and some are using new models that look fantastic.
– All grapples now have better physics performance for grabbing trees on the V2 Maps.
– All grapples have changes collisions for smoother more accurate grabs.
– Dangle grapples have been fixed so that they move slower and don’t jerk around and get stuck in the air.
– All Trucks & Trailers have new aggressive mudding tires
– All Bunchers now have blades attached to machines so no need to purchase a “Buncher Blade” just turn the head on and cut.
– All Bunchers have new cut nodes and redone claws for very low cuts and very easy tree collection without glitches.
– New Machine “Grapple Saw Loader” has saw on grapple that can be turned on and off and lowered to cut trees.
– New Machine “Chipper” Used for cutting up bits left on the ground, just clears them doesn’t turn them to chips.
– Processor has new model for the head, Proper rollers that turn and new claws for picking up more accurately.
– Processor head has been completely re-scripted for proper grabs and better control of cutting.
– Log trailers have had collision updates, new tires and better handling, also fixed trees sliding off when too full.
– Self Loader has been redone new grapple, added light to boom, fixed sliding when loaded to one side.
– Semi hauler has removed Airbrake sound (many people said it was annoying came on too much)
– Crane Loader has new claw an weights for picking up entire truck loads of wood without a problem.

FDR Logging

DOWNLOAD FDR_Logging_-_Forestry_Equipment_Pack_V5.zip – 177.8 MB

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