*IMPORTANT NOTICE* The Duramax Fuel Truck, Low Bed Trailer, Log Trailers, Front Chipper, Kenworth and Machine Tracks/scripts are not my models/scripts I’ve only edited them to handle better with my logging operations and maps the original talented artists that I know of are Big Country, ombelius and FT modding. I’m simply releasing my edited versions in this pack due to the large request for it, I take Zero credit for the models. The other machines are models that I and other members of FDR Logging have purchased and personally put together for you to use free of charge.
All Machines
**To tilt machines’s fixed heads press & hold middle mouse and move your mouse left & right**
Another important note, parking some of these vehicles on steep hills causes them to slide once the game is loaded from a save, Once the vehicle is entered it stops moving, best practice is to
park them against a tree or make sure they are on a flat surface when you save your game. Once you load your game just quickly tab through them all and they will be loaded and locked down.
This pack also includes a new map “Boreal Forest Logging Map” featuring a large map full of scenic areas to log, log sell point and wood chip sell point along with a gas station.
– Cleaned up mod files and unused textures making them smaller in size
– Removed all errors for all mods (clean console)
– Adjusted camera positions and FOV
– Machines now spawn is correct positions with arms in the air
– Lowered arm and movement sensitivity to give them a weightier feel
– New lights on all machines, less harsh better visibility

FDR Logging

DOWNLOAD FDR_Logging_-_Machine_Pack_6.zip – 421.3 MB

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