*IMPORTANT NOTICE* The Tigercat skidder/script is not my model/script I’ve only edited it to handle better with my logging operations and maps the original talented artists that I know of are Big Country, ombelius and FT modding. I’m simply releasing my edited version in this pack due to the large request for it, I take Zero credit for the model.
Improvements I’ve done
*Matched machine texture
*Improved handling, more power
NOTICE: Another important note, parking of this vehicle on steep hills causes it to slide once the game is loaded from a save, Once the vehicle is entered it stops moving, best practice is to
park it against a tree or make sure it is on a flat surface when you save your game. Or put the blade down enough to stop from rolling down a hill. Once you load your game just quickly tab through it all and it will be loaded and locked down.

FDR Logging

DOWNLOAD VI_FDRLOGGING_Machine_Tigercat610C_Skidder.zip – 13.3 MB

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