With the feed snail 1 by Kirsch-Farming you can keep the feed trough of the animals clean.
Long been proven by many studies: The economic success depends heavily on the feed intake. We will provide you with the appropriate aid. Only the feed snail from Kirsch-farming combines the three features to improve performance!
Loosen up: compressed food – the appetite-preventers number one! The pure pushing of the feed does not lead to an increase in performance. The cherry-farming loosening blades on the snail ensure the best result.
Mixing: The animals as gourmets select the presented feed, whereby it is segregated. The mixing blades, in cooperation with the folded plate, ensure an optimal mixture of the feed.
Conveying: The last step is to feed the feed back into place. By the rotating snail, the feed is quickly and comfortably brought back into the reach of the animals – even with heavy feed, the welded-through construction is no compromise.


DOWNLOAD FS17_Sidewinder1.zip – 5.4 MB

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