Fendt 900 Deluxe Edition V 1.0


Conversion of the standard model by Giants Fendt 900 Vario Fendt 900 for Deluxe
550, 650 and 730 hp engine selection
Various wheel combinations as wide tires or dual tires
Three-point shots in color slightly adjusted so that they no longer act as Fake
Lettering on the hood away (are new in planning if Blender does something I want)
Strainer painted front and rear
Main color selectable (included mirrors, exhaust plates, strainers and roof)
Design color selectable (front grille, side grill and seats !!)
Rim color selectable
increases Max speed to 70 km / h
Brakes and drivability slightly adjusted performance
500 liter tank capacity
Purchase price from 290,000 in Store
daily fixed costs 290

Modell: Giants
Textur: PsieCore
Script: Psiecore, SMF-Modding, Slavo SL Modding
Idee / Konzept: PsieCore
Tester: PsieCore

DOWNLOAD fendt_900_deluxe_psiecore.zip – 32.3 MB

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