Hello all! After a longer break, I presents you new mod, Fendt Favorit 900 Vario Series.

New version 3.0 Final Full with many changes and better optimization.
The loader in the pictures is included in the package. You do not have to unpack anything!

Change list:
– Texture changes, color, shine and dirt
– Improved model elements and interior elements
– New Dynamic Hose Front Connectors
– Front grill has a new texture
– Change the configuration of all Trelleborg tires.
– New Michelin tires -> 3 types of tires (Michelin, Michelin XL, Michelin XM)
– New real exhaust system
– Improved opening of the bonnet and engine position
– Changes in the seat rotation (Rufa)
– IC animation changes
– Possibility to add number plates (IC)
– Added control panel (Veenhuis, Krone, Horsch, Poettinger, Amazone)
– New Visual Configurations (Extra Lights, Horn Trumpets, Rebo Stickers)
– Improvement Loader Console
– Added matching front loader Fendt
– Visual improvement of the lights
– Better optimization for multiplayer
– And a few others that I do not remember …;)

*** No Log Errors! Error free! ***

Currently, there is no decent Fendt of this series. Mine is first with large amount of details. Almost all has been programmed from scratch. The cab model comes Fednt 930 Vario by Favorit510™ (thanks for permission), the rest of the model has been edited by me, new AO have been made, textures have been changed and added new washable.
Programming was based on repairing basic functions and adding a lot of new functions (description below), this version is marked as V2 Full.

General Information:
* Produced between 2000-2002
* Fendt Favorit Vario Models: 916, 920, 924, 926
* 4 Engines with power from 180 HP, 210 HP, 240 HP, 270 HP (There is also one more with extra power 305 HP)
* Max Speed 50 km/h
* Fuel Tank: 530L

Function List:
* Interactive Control
* All parts animated, Left, right door, front window, back window, roof window.
* Openable door from outside
* Rufa -> Possibility to reverse the seat and front console to change drive direction
* Foldable Front Hydraulic (remember before attach!)
* Dynamic Hose, Front and Rear
* Animated Joystick
* Animated Steering Console
* Real Exhaust Effect System
* Beifahrer Option
* Frontloader Console
* Foldable Beacon Lights
* Diffrent types of Tires. Normal, Wide, Weights, 2x Michelin Set or dual tires
* 3 Visual Design Models (Normal/Black Beauty/Special Burgund)
* White Grill Configuration
* Openable Bonnet
* RDA (Tire Pressure System)
* Animated hydraulics
* Fenders and Warnings work on IC
* Indoor Sounds
* Changed Cameras
* New Fixed Lights
* Color change to silver for wheels
* Indoor Huds
* Full New Washable
* Many Visual changes

*** No Log Errors! Fehler frei! ***

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who helped me with this project. Thanks also to Favorit510™ for permission to use some model elements from their fendt.

Please do not edit this version!
Please keep only my download link!

Modell: Marthu1990, Favorit510™, Freak2009, Mo6r
Textur: Marthu1990, Favorit510™
Script: Marthu1990
Idee / Konzept: Marthu1990
Tester: Marthu1990
Sonstige: Marthu1990

DOWNLOAD FS17_Favorit900SeriesVarioTMSV3Final.zip – 132.5 MB

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