Today we present you our “Fendt Vario 716 TMS”
+ That is for the time being “only” the version
+++ This is also only a slightly modified version of the Fendt Vario 820 TMS +++
More updates will follow until the model has been completely rebuilt!
The only reason to publish it now is the community that has been so eager to have it.
The rights of the model lie with the author of the Fendt 820 VArio TMS.
But now in Bavarian: Vui Gspaß mid unsam Mod! ! ! 😉
And in English: Have fun with our mod!
Original-model: STv-Modding

Modell: Fendt Vario 716 TMS Textur: Fendt Vario 716 TMS/820 TMS Script: Idee / Konzept: Niederbayern-Agrar Tester: LM1000 Dank an: Cedric Lonski

DOWNLOAD FS17_Fendt716VarioTMS.zip – 121.2 MB

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