Here the D028 / 4 UNISPRAY from the former GDR. This is an add-on centrifugal fertilizer spreader, then manufactured in the VEB agricultural engineering “Red Banner” Döbeln.
-Arbeitsbreite 10m
loaded -was at the field edge
To ensure the steerability of the tractor laden the D028 was equipped with two support wheels. Transport to the field in the raised position.
-Kaufzustand In Games Store -> new or used
animated -Streurad
Have fun with it.
Please do not mess around it and re-upload. I would like to do it yourself. Your dirty to me that only the fun of modding. 🙂

Modell: frog
Textur: frog
Script: ??
Idee / Konzept: frog
Tester: frog

DOWNLOAD D028.zip – 8.0 MB

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