Hello LS community,
We hereby present you the
Düngermodpack placeable.
That the Düngermod works must -upk mod of mor2000 be downloaded.
Here are the links to it;
Universial processkit;
The pack includes: fertilizer factory / Trailer for manure

You load in the factory from the rape and from then arises chemistry and diesel.
Chemistry is at the same time further processed in step one, where her anliefert still water / manure / slurry and grass, and from this fertilizer wird.Den Diesel can you then fill in a tank trailer and thus or your executor machine tanken.Direkttanken the machine does not go ,
Trailer for manure load is present.
Simply the zip file in the Modsordner and the addition of UPK mod
mor2000 v0.9.8 and ready.

Modell: susi28 Textur: susi28 Script: moor2000/gigant Idee / Konzept: Susi28/wingi Tester: susi28/wingi Sonstige: Gigant/wingi/susi28/moor2000

DOWNLOAD aab_UPK_Duengerfabrik.zip – 18.4 MB

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  1. Wurtle38 says:

    I filled the liquid manure, manure, water, grass, and rape. it used 2% of the rape to make 500 l fuel and 1350 chem and stopped.

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