Glorious tractors belonging to the Fiat series Golden Ribbon of the years 60/70.

Changelog ver.
1. Fixed the sound levels
2. Fixed the rear spring ratio

Changelog ver.
1. Added the normal textures
2. Re-fixed the coloration of tires
3. Fixed the deformation of the tires
4. Fixed the coloration of mechanics
5. Fixed the body dirt texture
6. Fixed the coloration of dark parts of the body
7. Fixed the back suspension dumping force

Changelog ver.
1. Fixed the problem with the flikering wheels
2. Divided into three phases, the lights; position, headlights, work lights
3. Mutually exclusive the front coupling for wagons from that for the extra weight
4. Decreased to 500 rpm engine idling
5. Decreased inertia rise in engine speed
6. Decreased the maximum angle of inclination of the front axle change
7. Decreased the speed of alignment of the steering wheels
8. Soften the suspension
9. Fixed the speed of the differentials
10. Slightly increased the mass of the front wheels of the DT version
11. Fixed the lateral hardness of the wheels
12. Added the deformation of the tires
13. Fixed the coloration of tires
14. Decreased the minimum height of the rear loader
15. Added the sound effect for the rear loader



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