First Day Reviews – Forestry Pack 2.0


Machines Updated To V3.0 + New Machines Added! (see Readme in zip file for update info)

(Important, Make sure you OPEN the zip file and take out the zip files for each machine and put them in your mods folder, dropping this 1 downloaded zip into your mods folder will not work you need to take all 3 out)

Also make sure you read the guides included inside this zipfile for setting your controls.

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil


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3 Responses

  1. First Day Reviews says:

    Lift Front loader Arm =Raise Boom
    Lower Front loader Arm =Lower Boom
    Lower front loader tool =swing cab left
    Lift front loader tool =swing cab right
    Extend frontloader arm =stick out
    contract frontloader arm =stick in
    lift tool axis 3 =spin head right
    lower tool axis 3 =spin head left
    lift tool axis 4 =open claws
    lower tool axis 4 =close claws

  2. David says:

    The t220L had a nice,big grapple… that can’t hold onto anything. Stuff just slides right out.

  3. Kevin says:

    the mods are great but still trying to figure out how to use the stabilizers on the t200. what keys operate that I don’t have joystick just a keyboard thanks

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