First Day Reviews – Forestry Pack 5.0



5.0 Update

Hey loggers! So this is a pretty awesome update, We have finally fixed 99% of the console errors and callstack problems thanks to my friend Rambow145, Big big thanks for the help in finding the issues and advising me on how to fix them!

This pack has been trimmed down to 6 machines, I got rid of the Original Buttntop, Large Green Grapple Loader and Knuckle Boom Loader.

First Day Reviews, Fredzaza, Ombelis, Navan, Martynas, Bolt, Rambo145


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2 Responses

  1. Butter654 says:

    my only complant is the issue where the trees don’t hold very well they fall over and out of both feller buncher and prosseser a lot and difficult to work with

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