First Day Reviews – T650 Processor (Woodcracker Head)


(Important, Make sure you OPEN the zip file and take out the zip file for the machine and put it in your mods folder, dropping this 1 downloaded zip into your mods folder will not work you need to take all 3 out)

Also make sure you read the guide included inside this zipfile for setting your controls.

T650 Processor (Woodcracker Head)

– Fully rotateable fixed head (no dangle)
– Featuring A Woodcracker cut instead of saw

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil


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6 Responses

  1. micke says:

    but with this guys mods you have to spend fucking eternity just to get the fucking axes right…

  2. dacropfarmer says:

    ohhhh poour baby micke doesn’t know howt to use notepad, cause its soooooo difficult tooke me like 10 seconds to fix the axis stop bitching

  3. poopsplosion says:

    if it only takes two seconds then why didnt the guy just make it correctly in the goddamn zip file?

    • shomey79 says:

      You’re right…if they made the mod they should made it workin’ fully or just to spent few more seconds to write in description what it need to be done …

  4. dacropfarmer says:

    prolly caz it pisses off lazy idiots like you two, suck it up princsas

  5. mason says:

    how do install it i cant find te game in the my games folder

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