First GEnD250 v1.0 FS19

First Gen dodge Ram 3500 orignally in gamed by bart manning
All my moonshiners for being Pimps yall should pop a feather in them hats

Tested by
Cody Briggs
Kevin Potter
Josh Cantlin

I hate the interior on this truck its from second gen and was gonna redo it but i ran out of spirit for this truck. has bunch of different variations for it. wheel options color options and accessories. subtle black smoke added nothing redneck…sorry…. has beacon lights working gauges working trailer wiring working mirrors….it may not be the best but its good truck none the less. i didnt do the new lighting or materials. its my first release for 19 its error free and its headed to pinned post now. its been tested alot and works in multiplayer and if you have issues message me personally. Enjoy sorry for taking so long it was learning curve.

special thanks to
Expendable Modding for knowledge and parts
Stevie for knowledge and parts
Colt Umberger for knowledge and parts
Rodney Ashley for knowledge and parts
Ty Hensley for knowledge and parts
David Fructuoso for knowledge and parts
Derek Champlin for knowledge and parts

Expendable Modding for knowledge and parts

DOWNLOAD – 146573246

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