Hello and thanks for the interest in these new style flags, it got me thinking looking at the original flags why they have the writing the wrong way around on the other side, as much as I don’t read writing backwards I do understand that most flags only have one material, hence when you see it from the other side the writing is the wrong way around? I personally hate this as mentioned I do not read backwards, so decided to make the flag texture read the same both sides as you would recognise it better the right way? so as much as my flag kit is wrong? it is also perfectly right?

In the kit you will see a flag kit which has all your usual brands, and a few new ones there also and also a Blank flag kit for you to edit your very own flag for your own liking, and there is also a bonus flag for Chanderlers Farm Equ in which I made a shop for them in person, but didn’t really materialise, but is still in WIP with the help of [ Mappers Paradise ] with the help of blobbyfarmer this should and maybe still uploaded at a later date. If you have any issues with the blank diffuse and not sure what or where or how, please use the support topic and I am sure if I can’t there will be a handful of people to help.

dimre for some original textures which I am sure took him some time to make. I did send pm to dimre for permission to use his textures over a month ago, with no reply back if this is a issue I will take these textures down and use Giant’s originals and what’s available, but if granted a big thanks to dimre for allowing this. robbie for converting the flag image to be shown correctly Mappers Paradise for the support over the years on projects that have made it through. A Big thanks to FS-UK for this awesome site A massive thanks to blobbyfarmer owner of Mappers Paradise for just being there, and supporting everything anyone put’s their hands to. There is a good few new textures made by myself and hope you’s enjoy and like the new look flags.

DOWNLOAD flagKit.zip – 1.4 MB

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