MRM Modding presents!
Hello dear community
Now it is finally time, we present you the Flexensteiner Forst ausm LS 11 for the LS 17.
You will find the following on the map!
Brewery takes all varieties
Train station takes all varieties
Railway station takes sawmill pallets
Sawmill takes shavings and tree trunks
Supermarket takes eggs and wool
BGA takes silage straw and bales
The following species are used

On the map all fields can be bought and missions!
Support and error messages please aufm TS: ts.cryrocks.de
Suggestions for improvement and constructive criticism are welcome.
So and last but not least thank you MR.F the map has provided in the LS 11 and then unfortunately can not be found.
If you recognize your map we hope we could make you happy with it!
So now on the forestry equipment 20,000 trees are waiting for you!
Your MRM Modding Team

MRM Modding

DOWNLOAD FlexensteinerForst_LS17.zip – 296.5 MB

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