Fliegel Crusher Trailer V 1.0 Beta


Fruit varieties: woodchips

Volume: 26000 liters

Kyosho’s Modfactory


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7 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    The game crashes when u filled up too about 40%. Very nice mod otherwise. Good work!

  2. David says:

    I filled mine to 53% in testing and it worked fine.

  3. nisroc says:

    I thought it was a nice mode but would prefer the crasher mod anyway since none have been able to make a wood chipper that can chew though a logs with out coughing it up. I do like the mod though its is original

  4. Bjørn says:

    Hi. This is the best crusher so far. But add support feet at the back of the trailer too…..


  5. Scott says:

    Nice mod but think it would be better if it would fit the full 8m logs

  6. remik says:

    Yeah game crashes sometimes when u load whole tree or something.
    I had no problem loading the trailer 100% and then unloading to other bigger trailer.
    But when trying to chew up a big oak like tree it always crashes I didnt try to cut it in half and then chipping.
    greetz hope to see some solution soon cuz chipper is awsome xD

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