Here is a Fliegl ASS 3108 for you. I chose the ASS 3108 as a model and the Mod accordingly named so.
This semitrailer is equipped with articulated axles. The two rear axles, so that the steering radius is minimized. In addition, the front and rear axles are raised when the load is less than 10. The purchaseable construction is only for decoration.
For this mod there is a dolly, which is uploaded externally. It is not required and can also be used individually for all other trailers 🙂

—— Version-1 —————————————-

Vehicle Info:
Chassis: Fliegl ASS 3108 Tridem
Purchase price Basic price: 64500 €
Daily cost: 15 €
Capacity: 51000l

Selectable rim color
Selectable color design in green or black
Buyable decoration set
The last two axes are deflected
Road and agricultural maturing
Unloading via tailgate and grain slider

Small, insignificant things on the edge:
Currently None known.

The dolly is here: Come soon

Have fun with the trailer 🙂

MfG, Cougii

Version 2
– Laderaumabdeckung hinzugefĂĽgt
– Miststreuer hinzugefĂĽgt

Modell: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii, Texturen: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii Tester Singleplayer: KingQuantum, Cougii Tester Multiplayer: Joe_Matthew, Malle, Cougii Licht-Coronas von “New lights” by Ziberg LKW-Teile by freak36558 FillLevelDisplays by GTXMods Liftachsen-Script by monteur1 addStoreCategory von Ifkonator

DOWNLOAD FS17_cFliegl_ASS3108_V2.zip – 23.8 MB

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