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DPW 150

DPW 180

DPW 150 Tandem

DPW Semitrailer

DPW Cartrailer 1-Axle

DPW Cartrailer 2-Axle

DPW Dolly

MAN TGS 26.480 with DPW150 construction

Tatra Phoenix with DPW150 construction

Lizard Truck with DPW150 construction

Fliegl IT Runner platform

Configurations in shop:

Choice of color – Chassis

Choice of color – Cab (truck only)

Choice of color – Rims

Choice of color – Underrun protection

Up to 3 wheels (semi trailer only 2 / steering axle for tandem, semi and trucks)

Straight, roundbale or timber-construction (+Sides +Big construction for car-trailer)

Wooden or metal floor (not for car-trailer)

Stripping edge

Normal, UAL, UAL-HBR, WAL (WoodAutoLoad)

Interior (truck only)

Light pack (truck only)

Underrun protection (not for truck and cartrailer)

Mud guards


Extendable rear section (additional ~1.5m) – not for car-trailer

Foldable ramps for car-trailer (currently only usable without addional construction)

Tension belts

UAL-Script – automatic loading (round bales, square bales, HD-bales, BigBales, pallets, big pallets (Wood), 1,4m bales, 1,5m bales) – capacity is shown in shop

– Manual adjustment of unloading position
– New unload marker
– Four additional loading options for HofBergmann Reloaded (see details below)
– Capacity is shown in hud

– Max. log lenght can be extended by unfolding backpart
– Current max. log lenght is shown in hud
DynamicHoses (for attached trailers too)

HUD for UAL (current/max filllevel) und WAL (max. log length)

Numberplates MW Design

Light with particle effect (7:00-20:00 + fog)

RUL (not for car-trailer) with particle effekt (7:00-20:00 + in fog)

New config icons

New shop icons

New schema icons

Mouse controlled draw-bar (car-trailer only)

New shop-category

Passenger script

ExtendedTruckFunctions (truck only)

Ifko[nator] HoFFi fcelsa Xentro/Wopster Killabot Blacky_BPG

DOWNLOAD FlieglDPW_Pack.zip – 81.3 MB

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