I wanted to make a Trailer That hauled lumber so I Made the already uploaded Fliegl 8 pallet trailer and then saw that some one had tried to make a 12 pallet trailer out of The Fliegl 12 m trailer I say Tried becuase stakes was barely wide enough to get pallet fork between and they didnt even line up all the way to rear so I Desided to make a second Lumber trailer this time from the 12m Fliegl to better the other 12 pallet trailer out there so I did And Here Both My 8 pallet And 12 Pallet trailers are in a pack there is no fancy folding sides and they are all Stationary stakes load has to be loaded over stakes I have used both tractor front loader and the telehandler with no prolems me they work great Just what I was Looking for to do away with the hay wagon Style trailer that came out for the new Lumber nothing against it just I hate backing them so heres my mod.

Thunderhawk09 Conversion To Lumber Trailer

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