The Fliegl Pallet Filling Station is a prototype from the house of Fliegl, the clou on the thing Fliegl does not even know that there is: lach:
With the Flieglstation you can create pallets like the name, but this is not all that this device can do, bales or BigBags are also possible. The bales and BigBags work as usual, with the BigBags unfortunately no effect exists a thanks goes to Giants because this was outsourced to the XML. The station can be filled with a shovel or thanks to the material collector is also a tipping next to the machine possible. Gases or liquids are filled with the Kotte Universal, either directly from the Kotte overloading or directly from the machine. There were 2 cameras installed a normal and one for the screen, the engine has a motor but can not drive by itself. Color selection as well as 2 tire types are available. Fully animated display with correct displays.

Brief introduction to machine operation:

1. Disconnect the Fliegl station from the tractor
2. Start the main engine
3. Start the Flieglstation (speed goes up)
4. Switch on the pallet production
5. when pallet full pallet slides are used to push out.
6. Insert the pallets slider.

Currently, FillTypen supported:
Potato sugarBeet milk seeds fertilizer pigFood woodChips silage straw grass_windrow compost biogas


DOWNLOAD FS17_flieglPFS16000.zip – 40.8 MB

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