Did you have a need for any vehicles moving behind you? With “Follow Me” this is possible!
This mode migrated with Farming Simulator 15.
With this mod, you can manage several vehicles at one time, other farmers will go for you, not for free of course, but they do not require gold mountains.
They will knock everything down in its path, whether you are, whether it’s traffic machines, but in the case of traffic, they’ll shove it.
So you can simultaneously mow one grass with a tractor, and the second go after it and dry it, roll the third one, fourth to make bales, the fifth to pack bales for a special pier.
Interesting Facts:
Including the rear or front hinged you will be able to trouble without disconnecting it.
If you (the leader) turn on the headlights or beacons, all that follow you will also turn on the same second, but turn signals or emergency stop only in the place where you turned it on and then turned it off.
The technique has the ability to lag, if from a small radar completely disappears.
Take into account for different techniques the angle of the turn, where the tractor turns into the light, the truck can be caught in something.
The entire convoy will be distributed to the leading and trailing equipment. You will need to choose the leader of your column, which you will personally manage. And for the slave technician it will be necessary to specify the master and configure some parameters.
Right CTRL + F – Activate or deactivate following the master.
Right CTRL + W or S – change the distance to the master.
Right CTRL + A or D – move to the right or left relative to the master.
Similar combinations are available for slave control: Right Shift + F, W / S or A / D.

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