Fontaine Magnitude 55 More Realistic




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12 Responses

  1. mattyboy says:

    doesnt show up in game

  2. jasper says:

    It does show up in game, you have to replace the ” – ” to ” _ ” (without quotationmarks) then it does show up under tippers.

    but then, if you are trying to buy it there popups a message saying:
    “The vehicle/implement could not be purchased, please try again.”

    Wen I look in the debugging screen within farming sim it is saying:
    “Error loadVehicle: unknown type ‘Fontaine_Magnitude_55_MR.mrMagnitude55’ in ‘C:/Users/gebruiker/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//Fontaine_Magnitude_55_MR/Magnitude.xml’ ”

    so you catn buy it :/

    • mattyboy says:

      yeah i eventually got it to show up but then cant buy it either its depressing cause i want a good american style low boy since the trail tech is glitchy

      • jasper says:

        hahahah “glitchy” is an understatement xD when im driving my liebherr 538 wheel loader AWS on top of it it spaces the hell out and jumps to the other side of the map xD

      • jasper says:

        i think i might upload a version 1.1 cuz i have found the problem i was walking into. the vehicletype was wrong in the xml, once changed to trailer, the trailer can be bought but still are there a few bugs so im trying to fix it and then maybe upload it. if it is possible

      • jasper says:

        nah changing it to trailer doesn’t help all probs, the whole trailer is bugging the hell out.

  3. Amy Minor says:

    I am trying to download this mod for my son’s farming simulator game and it needs a password. Can you help?

  4. Boushard says:

    Please keep working on this trailer, I’m so tired of the lowboy already out!! A real gooseneck will be much appreciated!!!

  5. canadianmann07 says:

    Has anyone released a working version of this trailer. I also would like it.

  6. levi morrow says:

    how can i make it show up in the game

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