~~Iv seen A few Forestry Tractor conversion but never thought about doing my own till a week ago a friend ask me if I wound build him one This Is what I come up with I tried to build it as Structurely sound and as reallistic as I could and built the way i would want one built if I was in the woods all the around other foresty Equipment For Safety I Started with A 8340 That Acording to the moddesc file was created by James 7711 I dont know if he was the creator or someone down the road had changed it to their name But I just want to give credit to James for his build if he was Creator It Appeared to be A fs 13 Conversion And by the time I had gotten i. It was A total mess files wise my god Iv never seen so many Sub folders after sub Folder I pulled 629mb of files from this mod it was a total 901mb before i started all texture files has been Redirected to one texture files and all 22 texture file warnings has been fixed this mod is totally clean of errors and junk files
As I said I Started with A base tractor With AI Control That it already had I have Made it dual wheels front and rear mainly for the crane for A more stable tractor on long reach picks
The Case I have Built is Made up of 166 bars each shaped and placed one at a time and the doors has been built with the IC Controls In mind Both left and right door cages open with the doors the cage was built far enough from side of tractor that both window vent open fully with out hitting the cage
On Other note The sunroof howevns still should have not been but a was unable to stop fuctions the back window and sunroof without erros or the script working all together so all still work the reason is that you will see in picks is the crane would prevent the back window and the sunroof I did not see the safety in making forestry cage around a tractor if it had hole when sunroof opened so what good would the cage thats why no opening for sunroof
The crane Has worklights ON both the main arm And The Second arm that works No other Light other Than headlight has been Added due to low spec computers would not run more than one lihjt bean at a time I tested this with mine and even my specs would only do three
THe Blade pictured is a seperate mod so unzip pack it come with tractor in pack

James 7711 Thunderhawk09 Forestry Conversion


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