3 thoughts on “Ford F450 Car V 0.92

  • nisroc

    Really! we want a farming truck not NASA rocket. Once again the truck is too shiny, you drift all over the place way too much torque. last the wheels on this truck look like they came off a Chevy Sonic. try fix the shinyness, drifting and torque issues before you release another beta version. sadly because it seems nothing was really corrected i will not download again

  • Name 2013 Ford F450
    Filename f450_newlight.zip
    Size 30.27 MB

    Issues (2)
    Invalid UTF-8 encoding in modDesc.xml. Convert modDesc.xml to UTF-8.
    JPEG texture files not recommended. 1 found (max. 0)

    i cant add this to my multiplayer server please fix ???

  • Austin

    This is way better than the last version but the fifth-wheel hitch is still broken. Please fix that as soon as you can. Other that the fifth-wheel it’s a good mod


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