Polish climate
– 2 fully playable farm
– More than 20 fields and some meadows
– Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs
– Feeding and turn down service in the barn with cows and pigs
– Multi terrain
– Silos chaff with the possibility of making silage and grass QQ
– Purchase of crops
– Sales of pigs
– Mod manure, liquid manure, lime v2
– Mod chopped
– Manure pushed out of the barn with cows and pigs
– Gates and doors opening to the key \\\\\\\ “A \\\\\\\” is not a zero
– Instructional icons where what and how
– Multi silo
– Storage of beet and potatoes
– Mod water that can be kept in the two places
– Watering and feeding sheep
– Feeding and watering of wheat water hens
– Sales of eggs
– Sales of wool
– Sales bel
– Watering and feeding pigs
– Machine Shop
– Weight in procurement
– Trigger from selling machines in procurement
– Buying fields
– Lime 2 farms
– Map ideal for small and medium equipment
– Pure Blog

ZeFir FS15/edycja: pawlo101299

DOWNLOAD FS15_ForestMap_pawlo101299_UNPACK.rar – 158.4 MB

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