Friesland Map V 1.2

friesland--2 (1)

friesland--2 (2)

friesland--2 (3)


ChangeLog v1.2:
-Changed Textures, Manure, Lime, Barley, Wheat and Canola
-Cows Are now outside
-Resolveds 2 bugs,
1 Grass issue
2 Removed Compost area
-Placed Seeds and fetilizer on the farm
-Added Trafic and pedestrians
-Added Some trees
-Added Feed storage and Mixstation
-New PDA Map

What can you find in the map;
– 3 Farms.
– Storage for your crops.
– Pigs.
– Calves.
– Biogass.
– Country Trade for sell your crops, Milk, Pigs, Calves. And you can buy Lime, Seeds and Fertilizer.
– Vehicle Shop.
– Jumbo store to sell, potatos, sugarbeets, Wool and Eggs
– 4 little areas for Forestry.
– Sawmill to sell your trees.
– 2 banks.
– Contractor

Map by: Mike
Road Kit 3 by Fatian
Fermenter FürBiogasanlage V 1.0 By NKB-Modding: Konvert: xXMalleXx
Landhandel: Eifok
WaterMod v3.1.5; Marhu
webalizer: ChopperStraw
GMK Mod lappyBauer
GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15; Mannie313, Marhu, grazy
Alternative MastGebäude: dtmaster, Marhu
Digitale Anzeige: Urmodder:Blacky_BPG
LS15: Nils23
Numbershader: Giants/weisser
Anpassung: Giants/weisser
Holz Textur (Vorschlag): lappyBauer/dtmaster
Texturen Gülle Mist Kalk V 1.0: Geneborg


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