Errors which have been Fixed
– Chopped Straw working again
– HUD error with sand, concrete, gravel and cement resolved
– Collision fixed at the bridge
– Collison fixed for cereals sale
– Letter boxes are now available
– No bus sign off the street
– The cornfield is now Ownership
– Fixed error with the cultivators vorgesäten fields

There are a few more car trails on the Map
What’s new Example

Mixer Factory: production of compound feed by 1. bran, grass and water or 2.Kleie, grains Meis and water
OIL economy with oil / diesel / engine oil producing and selling
Distillery for sale of barley and wheat
4 Biogasanalgen
ca 660ha farmland
Soccer field / stadium instead of baseball field
Flour Mills for wheat, barley and maize
Rapeseed for biodiesel mill
Factory for pastry and bread
Bread, baked goods and flour sales via supermarket
For sale of sugar beets Zuckerfarbik
Zellstofffabrikk for sale of wood, Wood chips
Feed stores
New grain trading port – Here we can Continuously delivered grain Which you buy low and sell for a profit again through the sales offices
Concrete plant (with sand, gravel and cement) concrete can be sold in the village, sand, gravel and cement can be sold at the freight depot
Freight Station with trains to shutdown of cereals and wood (as in the original map)
Slurry and manure sale is at the nursery
Built wishing well for gold coins reward at the Town Hall in the village
Hofumbauten, New large cowshed, another silo, feed stores Easily changed
ha Prices depend on the Endfernung The Courtyard
Cattle and pig breeding
Milk may (but need not be sold itself)
Forests have new texture and are CLEARLY reforested
100 gold coins
Gas station
Metzger for cattle and pigs sale
More sub-plots on the farm, biogas plant and sawmill
Some forests
Dikes, ditches, windmills, Flachlandmap
Raiffeisen At The Grist Mill
Large road network with traffic signs and Adapted
Many new grassfields That Need not Be Purchased separately
Larger Home Fleet
Customized visibility, slowing crop growth
Adjusted pedestrian
Disappeared Autokino and it laid Campsite
Decoration: Dustbins, powerlines, more houses, PV systems
Edeka and Lidl
Amended unloading
Adapted PDA Map
New pictures
Milk factory is now Hansano
Kuhwiese the Court
Larger Sheep Meadow



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