Frisian March Map V 1.8 Fixed

nordfriesische-marsch (1)

nordfriesische-marsch (2)


Version 1.8 Fix
Moin, a small fix version of the 1.8 version. Fixes for example bushes at the BGA, Fufßänger little high chairs in houses, Flying Gold Coin Now with faster grain intake in trading port Enjoy Daddeln Mfg

Thanks to the modders of food camp, cattle and Schweinmod, concrete, cowshed, roads and Schildermodpacks.


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4 Responses

  1. Tero T says:

    how i get sand or gravel??

  2. Tero T says:

    gravel and sand don´t work!! help me

  3. radunashu says:

    Hy dani1803. can u tell me how ti intall your map? pls i need help… i need to know any file where go ty

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