Frisian March Map V 1.8

nordfriesische-marsch (1)

nordfriesische-marsch (2)

nordfriesische-marsch (3)


version 1.8
Hi, there is a new version. New is a cereal commercial port, concrete and associated sand, gravel and cement. A little more decorative and easy to get now well into the cowshed. Have fun Daddeln

Danke an die Modder des Futterlagers, Rinder und Schweinmod, Betonwerk, Kuhstall, Straßen und Schildermodpacks.


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9 Responses

  1. longjohn says:

    This is a well done good looking map. Too much water around the fields tho, limiting navigation on fields. Needs a wool pallet collector and a compost factory, and less water around fields, and this would be the map I play.

  2. Jairo says:

    No hay vehiculos para tramsportar la grava, cemento y demas texturas nuevas? Si no es asi por favor digame como se transporta de un sitio a otro.

  3. stneop says:

    Very nice map but cant fill sand or cravel any tipper, I searched and downloaded many mods but none of them is filling with theese materials. Any suggetion that I’m missing or a bug from the map itself??

  4. StasiKlaus says:

    Downloadfile lässt sich nicht öffnen bzw. ist im Spiel nicht auszuwählen.

  5. Tero T says:

    i don´t get sand or gravel. Help me!

  6. leslie says:

    when I try and harvest the crops my combine wont pick any grain or nothing up and another thing is the yard at the store is every small u cant get the combines out without needing a trailer could u try and fix that

  7. matt says:

    I can’t seem to get sand or gravel into a tipper I’ve tried numerous mods is there something that I am missing or doing wrong

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