Moin people,
The new version is ready and contains the following new features
– 5 new types of pallets
– Potato washing machine for washed potatoes
– Potato factory for processing the washed potatoes into potato chips, chips and French fries.
– Refinery is now an oil factory producing diesel and oil pallet
– Sale of the new pallets to the local supermarkets and partial stadium and pallet sale possible
– 2 warehouses for potatoes (one at the farm and one at the potato washing machine)
– Sugar beet storage at the farm
– Potatoes and sugar beet can also be stored in the yard silo
– Warehouse for pig feed at pigsty
– Palettenlager extended by 2 halls and there place for the new pallets managed
– Ground fault before pigsty
– Dirt area pigs changed
– Fertilizer plan seed production fixed
– Mestic indicator for fertilizer production now fits better
– Prices fertilizer / sowing changed again slightly
– Advertisement Refinery (Now cooking oil and diesel factory) is eh new …
– Gate at the cowshed no longer disappears in the hall wall

Idee / Konzept: dani1803 / FedActionLetsPlay
Sonstige: Die Map darf gerne aber bitte nur mit dem Orginal Download Link auf anderen Seiten veröffentlicht werden.

DOWNLOAD NF_Marsch_entpacken.rar – 742.8 MB

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