This is the save game file from the final episode of my Hard Workin’ 3 time lapse series. As you seen in the final episode, I sold all the modded machinery and placeables but kept the basic equipment. I have all the available DLC for Farming Simulator, so if you don’t have them all and you encounter problems, please be aware that this might be the cause.

There are three tractors on the map, a selection of machinery, the Ponsse Scorpion, two potato harvesters, 300 dairy cows, 100 chickens, 1050 sheep, 1000 beef cows and 1000 pigs. You will also go in with a good quantity of money so you’ll be able to buy combines if you want them.

You will need this map in your mods folder
Please be aware that in order for this map to work you MUST install the NEEDED mods in the map description. The livestock trailer listed is actually optional, but the GMK mod is one that I’ve been using so I’ve no idea if the save game will run without it.

There are a lot of pigs and beef ready to sell, the wool collector for the sheep is nearly full and there is plenty of silage available to use. There are bales of straw available, a small amount of hay, and the cows and sheep have enough food for about a day. This save game will take a lot of work to keep up with the demands of all the animals, so I wish you the best of luck!

On a final note, the fields all across the top of the map have been cleared of trees. The middle three are all ploughed into one large field, all fields to the south of the town are still forested.

Any questions then please ask on here, or contact me on YouTube

Frithgar theWOODman Giants Software team Marhu BulletBill83 Sandgroper NI modding If I missed anyone, I thank you too, just let me know.


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