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FS 2015 Krone BIG L500 Prototype V 1.9

krone-big-l500-prototype-v1-alpha (4)

krone-big-l500-prototype-v1-alpha (5)

Here are some key numbers:


New Tip animation known as the Wagon from LS15.

New Exhaust system also from LS15

New Beacon Lights “is currently only one kp’s see why”

Planned Futures see WIP

Fruit Type: grass_windrow

Capacity: 80000

Price: 158500

DailyUpkeep: 276

Polys: ca 57326 “in the v2 it will be reduced further goal is to get below 50,000.”

Ur-Mod: usxi7sd
Sources: Giants-Software
LS15: Jaison
Dirt-Texturen: Jaison


2 thoughts on “FS 2015 Krone BIG L500 Prototype V 1.9

  • How about handling this machine? Because for me it was the biggest thing to fix, not the animations or exhaust…

  • Michael

    Good day!!!!!
    Pls. can you make this unit can load a drygrass, straw & etc. in a Fruit type?
    Thank you.


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