This is the save game file taken from my final episode of FS15 Timelapse. You should find all the ploughed and connected fields as well as many, many acres of straw all ready to be baled up!

I’ve removed all modded placeables on the map so there will be no need to install any mods at all to make it work correctly. Also, I’ve adjusted money level to reflect the court cases that we had and the hefty fines we’ve had to pay! There is enough money left to get you going with buying back a little machinery, but you’ll have to work to get the Bjornholm farm back on track!

I’ve simply zipped up the save game file, if you want it to show up in a different slot to number four you’ll need to change the number on the file. Just unzip, then copy and paste the file into the saves on your game. Hopefully this is what some of you have been after!


DOWNLOAD savegame4.zip – 2.0 MB

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