tandard animals.
91 field.
12 fields are yours.
Good starting technique.
On the map, standard cultures + 17 additional crops.
Factories: a sawmill, a sugar mill, a mill, a dairy, a brewery, a bakery, an oil processing plant, a fuel plant, boards + pallets, chips, a sugar plant. Concrete and asphalt plant.
There are quarries for stone and sand.
On the map there is oil.
All industrial crops are produced on pallets.

Pak techniques for map of Altai:

– harvester for industrial crops.
– combine for vegetable crops.
– barrel for oil and bitumen.
– UniversalProcessKit for oil production.

DOWNLOAD FS17_Altai_pack.zip – 64.8 MB


DOWNLOAD FS17_Altai.zip – 1.3 GB

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