For those wishing to continue a previous saved game,
Please unzip FS17_Blickling_V2 then re-zip as FS17_Blickilng

Added Bale Sell Points at Hall Gardens and Gunton Hall).
Change Foliage Textures that where appearing with white cobweb look.
Fixed Egg Sell/Shop Icons.
Fixed Silo Clamps when unloading cut grass.
Removed some Field Border Collisions.
Added more Decorations.

Blickling is a British map set in the picturesque county of Norfolk.

It is based on a real location in Norfolk England.

The map was created using Real Terrain Data(DEM), and is as accurate as I could get it (keeping in mind I made it for FS17).

The map consist of 20 fields, and 4 grass meadows. You start with 4 fields, and 2 meadows.

There is also ample equipment to get you started.

As in Blickling 2015 I have decided to use painted roads, which in my mind is more realistic, as it gives a bumpy ride when using your equipment.
Which is what its like, as the roads in real life are B-Roads in this area.


One main farm with Cows,Chickens and Sheep.

One Pig Farm

All standard fruits with extra fruits of Oat and Rye added.

20 fields of different sizes, and 4 meadows.

Mission are in place.

Food storage area added.

No Gold Coins

Chopped straw mod added.

Multi terrain angle mod added.


DOWNLOAD FS17_Blickling_V2.zip – 510.8 MB

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