After a week of having the BETA version out and after making some adjustments I am confident in releasing the post BETA version of Central Ohio. Standard size map, you have a modern farm with 800,000L storage capacity at the main farm and an additional 350,000L capacity at the secondary bins (they show up in the menu as a cumulative storage amount). Cows, Pigs, Sheep and Chickens, multiple sell points, sawmill with large forest areas. The terrain is relatively flat (as it is in central Ohio) the layout of the map was not based off of anything. Standard crops, I decided to leave only the pickup truck as the default vehicle as I play with mostly modded vehicles and would sell all the default vehicles anyway, so again your going to have to add money to get the starting vehicles you want for your style of playing. DO NOT UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Things I changed:
-Added Chopped Straw (make sure to unpack in put the choppedstraw zip in your mods folder, same with the animationmaptrigger zip to get the doors to work on the red barn)
-Made a couple of the fields bigger
-Added a livestock market, moved all animal icons to the right spot on the pda
-Fixed some terrain issues (equipment can now smoothly drive through the drainage ditches in the fields that have them)
-Added some more detail around the map (yes there are still some areas that seem empty)
-Cleaned up unused files (as you can see the size was decreased by a decent amount)
-I did not change any of the crop textures as this can be customized by anyone by downloading a certain crop texture and just replacing the .dds image for the crop you want to change in the foliage folder
-Added a liquid fertilizer trigger at the main farm
-Once again this is my first attempt at making a map and modding in general (completely self taught on how to work the editor which I learned can be very frustrating), I could have put more work into this to make it even better but honestly I got burnt out on editing and making this has taking away all the time I have to enjoy and actually play the game. So as long as no major fixes need done, this is the final version.

Wjohn048 (ToddsMods). Anyone and everyone who made the objects and buildings used.

DOWNLOAD Central_Ohio_UNPACK.zip – 634.4 MB

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