The map of the Ukrainian area will take us to the central part of it, where we have to raise agriculture.
What to do on the map of Cherkasy region?
21 fields are available to you, which are already yours from the very start, there is a start technique: combine harvester and tractor.
Take care of harvesting grain, get the first money from its sale at a special point of sale. The region is famous for its fertile lands, which means there will be no problems with a high yield. Breed cows, get and sell milk. (Other animals are not yet available). Cows can be bought from an animal reseller, the cowshed is very large. There is a sawmill where you will happily buy trees or chips. Inside the archive is a folder with screenshots of “What’s where”, which will help you understand where the unloading of bales is taking place or the sale of wood chips (and not only).


DOWNLOAD FS17_Cherkaschina_V2.rar – 496.5 MB

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