Hello Farming Friends,

Version 1.1
Fix to allow Forage Harvesters to fill 100% when towing.

Today we have an interesting mod for you. We were contacted on our website and youtube on Sunday requesting an IT Runner Augar Wagon. As this is missing from the original pack by Giants we decided to take a break from current mods and complete this. 🙂
We are pleased to present the IT 47 by MetalTech.

This augar wagon / chaser bin features:
1. Storage for 47000 Litres.
2. Fill Dependent Signs (See Images) – Default image displayed for unknown crops.
3. Functioning Fill Level gauge on rear of Bin.
4. Animated cover and support bars.

Multi-Player and Single Player Tested.
Log is Clean.
We hope you enjoy this much-needed addition to the IT Runner Series.

Model Parts: Giants, GTX MODS Model: GTX MODS Texture: Giants, GTX MODS Idea / Concept: GTX MODS Testing: GTX MODS Mod Idea / Request: MDK KDM (Please see Video)

DOWNLOAD IT47_AugarBin_FS17.zip – 7.9 MB

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