Various new features and features have been added.
Detailed description can be found in the Description module!
# Chicken nutrition (male / female),
# Sheep (male / female),
Water, hay, grass
# Cow (male / female),
Water, hay (field / cow), grass (field / cow),
Feed (field / cow), silage (field / cow), straw, milk
# Pigs (male / female),
Water, sugar beet, potatoes, straw, wheat,
Barley, soy, rape, sunflower, corn
# Fermentation residues (BGA)
# Wash all vehicles!
Using this external program, the game weight is changed in farm simulator 2017!

One value? Can be changed:
# 1 Money, Loan,
# 2 Wheat, barley, rape, corn, soy, sunflower
# 3 Chicken meat (male / female), egg
# 4 Sheep (male / female), water, hay, grass
# 5 Cows (female / female), water, hay (shed / shed), feed for feeding (field feed / cow), silage (cow salt), straw, milk
# 6 pigment (male / female), water, sugar beet,
Potatoes, straw, wheat, barley, soy, rape, sunflower, corn
# 7 liquid manure (cows), liquid manure (pigs), digestate (BGA)
# 8 Wash all vehicles!
And the program also provides some information …
# Dung, Savegameame, Playmen, Memorydate, Map

SavegameEditor Instructions:
1) Right-click the file
2) Run “Farming Simulator 17 SavegameEditor.exe”
3) Left on “Load Score …” or “Load Savegamefolder ..” (in English) ”
Can be changed in Settings!
4) Select the desired savegame in “… \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2017”
5) Change your mood values ​​(please blue blue “infobuttons” in the program !!)
6) Bottomright “Save game data!
7) Start the game and enjoy the new wealth !!!


DOWNLOAD Save_Game_Editor_FS17.zip – 5.9 MB

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