Welcome to Selby Farm Estates FS2017,This is a fictional map with real life ideas.

– This map includes all Farming Simulator Features 2017.
– This map includes 1 main farm 1 cow farm and 1 pig farm.
– 1 Sell point at BGA point etc
– 1 Wool sell point
– 1 Grain Sell Poin
– 40 Various sized fields
– 3 New models changed by my self
– Forestry,sawmill area

plenty of fantastic views for you to enjoy i really do you hope you enjoy your time at selby farm estates -Lancyboi.

Map Author – Lancyboi Giants Fs Community OxygenDave Robbie Dorset Bulletbill Somethingonmyshoe2 FarmFarm ShyWizard BlackSheepFarming Docspoke Nathan44 RainBowDave for support & testing of my work Landy Kid for support & testing of my work Chris The Irish Gamer for support & testing of my work if theres anyone i miss please inbox me & i will up date my credits.

DOWNLOAD FS17_selbyfarmestatesv2.zip – 607.3 MB

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