FS19 AVON MAP V1.0.0.0

This is AVON
1. Repaired tip collisions in a few areas.
2. Added 4 more fields on grass areas for easier management
3. Spawned equipment at main farm. Overflow will still spawn in at dealership.
4. Reset equipment at main farm provided their is room available, or it will overflow to dealership.
I have a video you can view before you download if you like.
The map has rolling hills with the outer edge flat. Most sell points are on the outer edges with exception to central grain elevator and farm supply.
You can purchase seeds, fertilizer, manure, and slurry at farm center and also sell your manure or slurry and straw by products.
There is multi-play farms also.
Most items and sale points are from the original map but i added a dairy two cranes and sugar mill.
Lands are purchasable.

And American Eagles Admins for hosting.
I have a facebook page for comments or suggestions but please use this forum for errors or problems.
facebook page is @nor3msti or Nor3msti.
Do not upload to any other site with out permission from myself.

DOWNLOAD FS19_AVON.zip – 448.0 MB

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