Gamsting Map V 2.0 GMK Usw

gamsting-v1-by-stefan_ls (1)

gamsting-v1-by-stefan_ls (2)

gamsting-v1-by-stefan_ls (3)


Version 2.0 GMK etc
– Ausmistbarer cowshed – Carpenter (Marhu) permanently installed – Water Mod (Marhu) permanently installed – MilkTankTrigger (Marhu) permanently installed – GülleMistKalk Mod permanently installed (New / Custom textures) (Marhu) – ChoppedStraw added – added clover and alfalfa – New foliage texture maps – Terrain Fixed – Higher swaths – New Schwadtexturen created – field boundaries revised – Kalklager activated – Changes to Start vehicles (Steyr instead NewHolland and Kuhn Rake added) – Help icons have been removed – level crossing sound was removed – reflectors direction Hof have been removed – New PDA Mapdraufsicht – little things



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4 Responses

  1. sebteam says:

    hello I put the map in my mods but when I start the game and I want to start a game gamsting it does not appear in the game I tried to isolate herself in the mods but it’s the same you have a solution? thank you

  2. Skuggan says:

    I can’t get the manure for some reason and the heap don’t get bigger either, do i need a mod or something?

  3. Zigzaga says:

    How I can open the warehouse doors ?????????

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