GAS SAZ 35071 AND ZIL 130 V1.0

The pack contains 3 modes: GAZ-SAZ in two variants of textures and ZIL amur. The cab on the rusty lawn is made from photographs. Both open doors, windows fall, there are silos. The sides are placed on the “Z” and “X” keys. The price is 8 500 (per day 10). Power -125. The volume is 5,000 – 10,000. Zila has doors and a hood. There are silos. Forced lifting of the body. The price is 45 000 (per day 53). The capacity is 210. The volume is 5 600-9 500. Wash. Shine.
Installation: Unpack. File in ZIP format – transfer files to the folder / my games / farmingsimulator2015 / mods /

Sergey54Rus, }I{EKA, Mr.Angelo Lexan Rs.Bandit, ALEXANDER, BAUER, [email protected]=-, Владимир Литвиненко


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