GAZ SAZ 35071 TRUCK V 1.0


Truck with a capacity of 220 liters / sec., The direction of travel and exhibit leave traces of dust. as well as dirty. Body capacity of 5 m3., And additional boards 10 m3. In it carries loads: barley, wheat, corn, rapeseed, potatoes, sugar beets, hay, straw, silage, manure. Unloading commits on 3 sides. This well-designed animation itself discharged from the body. As the download ass truck sags.

Working parts: opening doors, opening the window, lowered the glass, open the glove compartment, and an ashtray, move the lever switch turns spinning the wheel, adjust the mirror.

There IC controls and lighting works dashboard.

Office of the truck:
Spacebar (Space) – Switch IC.
Key R – Open the door (outside).
Key Z – Change body type.
Keys Num 1/3 – Left / right turn.

Mirrors are regulated by the mouse buttons: PKM- adjustment on the right side: the primary mirror and the rod. PCM + SCM adjustment of additional mirrors. LMC adjust the left side: the primary mirror and the rod. LMB + SCM adjustment of additional mirrors.


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