The pack is fully adapted for the Gear Box (mod on the gearbox).
The real gear for each gear is registered, now the gearbox displays 5 gears forward and 1 back (and not 12 as before))) If you play without a gear box, then no bad trucks perfectly work without it, besides, they have significantly improved manageability and stability.
Trucks with a barrel are now not tumbling.
2 engines with a capacity of 148 and 170 hp.
Speed ​​is 95 The price is 29 250-30 030 euro.
Service 120 euros
Modules: for grain, silage, straw, hay Sprayer, platform for bale selection, trailer for modules, seeder driller . For convenience, the package in the store is a separate category. Added 2 trailers for loose loads with a carrying capacity of 4,500 and 5,000 liters, lighting devices with corresponding duplicating indicators were added, the lawn with a barrel was slightly adjusted. Log 1 has a warning. He complains about the loading of logs. Warning: Missing l10n for button AUTOLOADWOOD_TOGGLE_UNLOAD in FS17_GazonNextPAK3 On the game process does not affect, with other modes does not conflict. Modules have been added: the module of the booth with the self-loading of pallets, the module of livestock, the module for the introduction of liquid fertilizers, the timber transport platform, the spreader of mineral fertilizers, the spreader of solid manure. In the box of the van, a small tuning: when buying it is suggested to choose with or without inscriptions, as well as a choice of colors. The weight of the modules has been lowered for a smaller skid. The layout of the vehicle in the lower right hood has been corrected (the trailer does not stand in front of the truck), the 3d inscription on the fuel barrel has been removed, the choice of pallets with boards has been removed. Because the bodies are not intended for transportation, all trailers have been added trailed, in case of a jam, so that you can pull out, on the back of the chassis the light returned to its place, the modules “see” now only their attaches. Molokovoz and trailer to it is now sold as a separate machine

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