facilitate this 6 scripts for the Giants Editor and automate some tasks.

Move Camera
A very efficient script that moves the camera to a selected object.
So can be skipped in GE on Maps long distances.

position Copy
This script copied parameters (translation, rotation, scale, etc.) from one object to another.

Object series
This script uses objects in series. Here you can select the direction in which, random rotation, distance, number and whether the ground is included. This script is very suitable to set as trees or fence rows. A big thanks to Marhu for the basic algorithm!

Object info
All important information at a glance!

Field Dimensions
This script creates the Field Dimensions for more complex such as Circular fields.
Further information here.

Map Toolbox
This script is ready with two modes:
PDAready: in a mode to create Offset the camera and the terrain to a PDA.
16map: Prepares the map on the map 16 times. (WARNING: Other settings are required)

LKXstudios Script parts: Marhu, Steigei Logo / documentation: Da-Hoffi

DOWNLOAD GEscripts1.2_setup.rar – 970 KB

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