This is a hill farm map with all the normal crops + pig & cattle fattening + the soil mod. It is a fictional map inspired by The Sperrin Mountain area in Northern Ireland, Donegal in Eire, and East Ayrshire in Scotland, although it could just as easily be any valley in the UK or Eire.

This is version 2 of the map. All your previous saves will work with this version.

All fields are now “Bank of Hagenstedt” mod friendly and any previously overlapping field dimensions have been fixed.
Some sale points have been adjusted to allow for tipping with larger equipment.
Old Joe’s, Denny’s & AAA Stables now use up their purchased goods at a slower rate, they are only small establishments after all.
In general, the prices received for your crops has been raised a bit. This is to make it a little easier & to offset slightly the cost of herbicides & fertiliser in the “Soil Mod”. I have kept the price for silage as I had it in my first version.
At the Beef & Pig fattening farms you will now find an opening to the underground slurry tanks. You can fill slurry from these or from the original sumps and if you have the “Slurry Agitator” mod you can stir the slurry ’till your hearts delight.
You can now feed the dairy cattle silage from your front loader.

The roads are mainly narrow, winding & steep and the fields are not much different, so this map will be a challenge to farm.

There are 56 fields ranging in size from approximately 0.5 hectares to 11.5 hectares (not including the cow & the sheep pastures). Fields are priced according to size and their suitability for harvesting. Many of the fields that you do not yet own are “grazed bare” and as such have no mowable grass present. Plowing, cultivating & seeding will be necessary to bring these fields to a useful state.

The usual Sale & Refill points are found throughout the map with the odd extra ones eg., the Livestock Market at the edge of the village. Water can also be refilled at various points along the Gelvin River for free or at any of the numerous Water Hydrant points (the hydrants charge for their use). There were originally 6 silage pits, unfortunately I have had to remove the 2 from the covered pits in the main Dairy Farm due to Log Errors, but I have now decided to use these pits as storage for Potatoes(nearest the river) & Beet(beside the potatoes). Collision has been removed from all the auto gates mainly to prevent the “Catapult effect” when leaving fields. You have to search hard at the Free Range Chicken Farm for the eggs, the hens will lay in loose straw anywhere in that area including the two closest fields hedgerows. Prices for crops are tough on Hard mode as I have priced as much as possible to current realistic UK hill farm crop values, if this is too tough though Normal & Easy settings double values each time. There is also a working Wool Palette Collector in the farm yard at the Sheep Area.

If you like to farm alone you shouldn’t feel too lonely as there is two-way traffic on almost every road.
Finally, I think, there are a few Cleared Flat areas to make it easier to position Placeable Mods as I know many folk like to use them. Enjoy.

Within the map ZIP file there is a PDF “Gelvin Valley Users Guide” explaining the farm/farms and their working in more detail. DO NOT unzip the file to get the PDF, this will break the map for multiplayer, instead right click on the ZIP & select & drag the PDF to your desk top & a copy will be made there.

Optional Mods
SoilMod – Soil Management & Growth Control (v2.2.x) ; if you wish to have to deal with weeds, soil nutrients & soil moisture
PlaceableHeaps ; if you wish to place manure from the cattle or pigs in the manure pits.
AAA_UniversalProcessKit ; this is needed to get PlaceableHeaps to work.
OBE_Livestock_Trailer ; needed for taking the pigs and/or beef cattle to market.
ZZZ_FeedBales ; a handy mod if you wish to feed your animals with hay or bed them with straw Manually from the bales.

Gelvin Valley 2015 by Wilde Wilde Wez


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