Wellcome to Goldcrest Productions Map:
what we have is a new version of the default map.
you all know about the default map but this has some added features created by the credits.
first off all the animals are on or near the farm.
chickens lay there eggs in a convenient basket for you to collect, so you don`t have to run around trying to find them in the farmhouse garden.
cows are the main reason to be on the farm. you can collect the milk and sell it at marys farm.
pigs and sheep are near the farm with there own areas. pigs have the forage mixer adjacent to them.
the main part of the farm has a fence and gates with fermenting building to produce silage and mix station for cows
Animal dealer now sells chickens which you can use the joskinBetimax RDS7500 to buy them with (included).
saw mill to produce pallets of planks in the default sawmill area.
in town we have a new building called the pallet production which only needs pallets of planks for the production of pallets (hope you understand that)
compost production which is needed for the greenhouse production.
greenhouse production this is quite big prodution line ,here you can produce pallets of tomatoes,red cabbage,cauliflower,lettuce,raspberry,strawberry
which need empty pallets water and compost to produce. (all pallets have been remasted for FS17 pallets.
so lets recap sawmill and pallet production and compost are all needed for greenhouse to produce.
buildings that got moved are the vehicle shop and the animal dealer which are ajacent to each other and are near the railway line just over the bridge from the farm towards town.
chopped straw built in to the map.
broken bridge near composting building.
farmers market were the old vehicle shop was in town where you can sell all the pallets.
some fields have been altered which are better.
hope you like.

ps you may need to get the choppedstraw mod



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